Travel Tips For An Exciting Trip To London

Exploring London 10 Amazing Destinations, Places and Attractions

Some people might argue that to truly experience an exciting trip to any holiday destination, one must throw caution to the wind and embrace a somewhat less organised approach to your holiday. Unless you’re visiting the city on a gap year though, relinquishing any sense of budget or time frame is probably out of the question, especially if you don’t want to break the bank.

Let’s face it, to truly enjoy a holiday as an adult, you have to do at least a little forward planning, and this doesn’t have to impinge on any excitement or thrill-seeking you’re planning either. Returning guests of discount hotels Hyde Park will know that to grab the best tickets and enjoy as much as you can of your visit to London, you’ll have to do a little forward planning. That’s why this blog will outline a few of the easy ways in which you can prepare for your visit, so that when you do get to London, you can throw caution to the wind once more!

Apps Are Key For Discounts

From TooGoodToGo (discount street food) to Stage Door (discount theatre tickets), your holiday budget will go further with just a handful of apps downloaded on your smart device. Generally speaking, London is a paper-free city, meaning that events and tickets can be paid for via apps and contactless debit cards, leading to more accessible discounts for events and nights out online.

Certain Tube Lines Run 24 Hours On Weekends

For night owl guests of the Bayswater Inn Hotel Hyde Park, you can explore the city from dusk till dawn on the weekends, thanks to the Victoria, Central, Jubilee, Northern, Piccadilly and specific Overground Lines providing trains 24/7 on Friday and Saturday nights. These night tubes mean that for those who live close to these far reaching lines, safety is a little less of a concern when returning from a night out. Besides, Ubers and taxis can be very expensive!

Many Museums Are Free

Speaking of expensive, the city of London has many things that cost a lot of money, but its museums are not one of them. Many of the city’s best museums are free to visit, including the Science Museum, Natural History Museum and Victoria & Albert Museum of Design, all of which are within walking distance from hotels near Kensington Palace. Whilst temporary and touring exhibits might be ticketed, the Tate and National art galleries and world renowned museums like the British Museum have permanent exhibitions that are completely free of charge.

Pack A Raincoat

The city of London is not known for its predictable weather patterns. Whether you’re staying on the outskirts or at accommodation near Hyde Park, you’ll no doubt experience a rainy day during your stay, and the temperature might rise back up to 20 degrees once the sun’s back out! In fact, the whole of England is famed for its sporadic weather so make sure that if you are planning a long day out in the city or further afield, that you pack an umbrella or raincoat. If you’re planning on staying out late, make sure that you pack an extra layer as even in the heat of summer, temperatures can cool drastically once the sun sets.