Top Tips For A London Father’s Day 2023

father's day

London is one of the most versatile cities when it comes to treating a loved one to a day out. Whether a friend, a partner or a parent, there’s always something that will be to the tastes of the person you’re treating. Guests of discount hotels Hyde Park are well placed to enjoy many of the annual events taking place throughout the city, and this is especially the case on Father’s Day.

This June 18th, there will be plenty of ways you can treat your dad in London. Whether father and son or father and daughter, the following options for a grand day out on father’s day are sure to put a smile on the faces of all parties.

Tour Wembley Arena

Wembley Arena has long been one of the most popular stadiums in not only London, but the world thanks to it being the home of the English national football team and the stadium of choice for FA Cup, Olympic and Champions League finals. The stadium tour is the perfect outing for a football crazy dad visiting accommodation near Hyde Park for the first time.

Tower of London Tours

Tours of the Tower of London are included with the price of admission, and take place every half an hour from outside the walls of the iconic fortress. These hour-long tours are guided by a member of the Yeoman Warders, royal guards who live on and operate from the tower grounds as protectors of the monarch. The Yeoman Warders are well versed in the lesser known facts about the Tower of London and provide plenty of grisly background to the executions, imprisonments and events that have taken place at the Tower of London since the 11th century. For guests of hotels near Kensington Palace visiting the city with history loving fathers, this is the perfect way to treat them on Father’s Day.

Churchill’s War Rooms

What dad doesn’t like learning about London’s history during the Second World War? Lining the bookshelves of most dads of a certain age are biographies and accounts of Second World War events, so the history loving dad will no doubt enjoy a trip to Westminster’s atmospheric tour of Winston Churchill’s underground base of operations between 1939 and 1945. Guests of the Bayswater Inn Hotel Hyde Park can easily reach the War Rooms via King Charles Street, with the nearest tube station being Westminster, and during your visit, guests can expect to see reconstructions of the various subterranean rooms from which Churchill and his top brass made key decisions throughout the war.

London West End Shows

West End theatre isn’t just for hen parties and childrens birthdays. From hard hitting dramas to nostalgic family favourites, the West End of London hosts more than 30 shows a night, and this June will include Back To The Future: The Musical, Queen jukebox musical We Will Rock You and rock and pop hit remix musical Choir of Man. All these and many other great shows will undoubtedly get your dad toe tapping the night away. Just be ready to hear some embarrassing dad singing on the way home!