Top Activities You Have To Try On A First Visit To London

Exploring London 10 Amazing Destinations, Places and Attractions

London is a city teeming with diverse activities to try. Whether you’re staying at discount hotels in London for work, with family or friends, there are countless offerings in the English capital that cover all bases and tastes. These outings are staples of the London tourist scene and reveal new layers to the city’s character that you might not otherwise know about.

Ride The Thames Clipper

The Thames Clipper – now known as “Thames Clipper by Uber” – is the Oyster card supported public transport service for much of London’s stretch of the River Thames. From Putney in the West to Barking in the East, the Thames Clipper provides a view of London like you’ve never seen before. If you’re visiting the city with little time to spare, the Thames Clipper’s route can double up as a sightseeing tour as well!

Tower of London

The Tower of London represents almost a thousand years of city history. Dating back to the Norman era, the Tower of London has morphed its identity from royal household, to prison, to armoury and even exotic animal menagerie. In the modern day, the tower complex still functions as a Jewel House for the crown jewels of England, whilst a battalion of royal guards named the Yeoman Warders still operate and live on its premises. These Yeoman Warders offer ticket holders hour-long tours of the Tower of London, which cover many years of intrigue and history.

Wander Through Hyde Park And Kensington Gardens

For guests of accommodation Bayswater London, this one is just a short walk away. Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens represent the vibrant and historic park culture of the city, a culture that has led to London’s claim to be one of the greenest cities in Europe. Hyde Park and Kensington Gardens are two central Royal Parks and are bordered by Buckingham Palace on one side and Kensington Palace on the other.

Alongside the royal connotations, these two parks are also home to a great many art installations and historic sculptures, alongside a swimming lido and boating lake. Make sure not to miss the free to visit Serpentine Gallery, a contemporary art exhibition space.

Tour Westminster Abbey

One of the most important buildings in London, Westminster Abbey has been the coronation spot, wedding venue and resting place for some of the most influential figures in British history. Guests of the Bayswater Inn Hotel Hyde Park with an interest in British history should not miss this beautiful cathedral where more than 30 monarchs are buried.

Sample Food At Borough Market

If the restaurants near Bayswater just got you craving more great food, London Bridge’s Borough Market is an historic food market that’s been around for hundreds of years. This riverside market has changed a lot in its form over that time, but its contemporary iteration is focused solely on foodstuffs and street food. The bustling energy and delicious smells make it a must for any foodie visiting London for the first time.