Top 10 things you cannot miss to do in London.


London is one of the most favourite destinations for travellers from around the world. This is mostly because of the cosmopolitan nature of the city, which offers something for anyone and everyone. From so many places to see, so many things to do and so many things to explore, London city is a delight for travellers from around the world. 

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Built by Romans, London has evolved to be one of the most diverse cities in the world. Its rich history has enriched the city with several monuments, spots, places and stories that are worth exploring. Here are London’s top 10 places you must visit in London, that are iconic and something you must see. 

The royal parks of London

The royal parks of LondonLondon is one of the most amusing cities in the world that has managed to build and maintain massive parks and gardens in the heart of the city. From lakes, ponds, play areas, exhibitions, sculptures and monuments these parks have it all. The most interesting part is they are open all around the year and are free for the public. Though every borough in London has parks, the most popular and massive ones in the city are Hyde Park, Regent’s Park, Richmond Park, Kensington gardens, Green Park, Greenwich mark and more.

Hyde Park is famous for hosting events, carnivals, exhibitions and speeches. So to stay close to the happenings of this park you can book a stay at the Hyde Park Hotel in London


Another iconic place to see in London is the Westminster area. This iconic abbey of London is the political centre of the city. The iconic building of the Houses of Parliament should never be missed while you are in the city. In the same area you can witness the tower of Big Ben. 


Another lovely borough known for its unique and gothic vibe is Camden area. Located on the banks of the canal it has a lovely market mostly dominated with independent designers and shop keepers. Great place to enjoy a lovely street food meal or a drink by the canal. 

Little Venice

Little VeniceEasily accessible if you book an accommodation in Bayswater in London, Little Venice is one of the most serene, calm and picturesque places in London. The cafes and restaurants here are famous with couples. 


London is known for its great shopping experience all over the world. From high street brands to luxury brands and tons of other independent shops and designers it is a haven for people who love to shop. One of the most iconic places to shop in London is the magnificent Harrods Store. If you are travelling with family or friends for shopping and you want an accommodation close to Harrods, many hotels in Bayswater London offer twin room facilities too.

Buckingham Palace

Buckingham PalaceLondon attracts many tourists for its royals. Being home to the longest ruling monarch London has palaces that are still occupied by the ruling royals. The most crucial one of these is the Buckingham Palace where the queen lives. It is open for public viewing in some parts of the year.

Other iconic places to visit are Oxford Street, London Eye, Paddington and Marble Arch.