The Top 6 Things To Do In And Around London’s Newington Green

Newington Green

If you’re a London veteran visiting the city for the umpteenth time and feel like you need to try something new, then exploring London’s Boroughs away from the city centre can be a great way to go.

You’ll escape the throngs of tourists at the usual attractions and get to discover a vibrant and active community of actual Londoners in proper London shops, pubs, bars and restaurants.

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Let’s take a look at some of the things you can expect to enjoy in Newington Green, a small but fantastic area of North London.

Enjoy the Green

Newtingon Green got its name from the green in its centre- obviously.

So you can’t head to this little neighborhood without spending some time enjoying the wildlife, admiring the trees and lounging on the benches and grassy areas.

You’ll also find a statue dedicated to a feminist icon who lived in the area, and played a key role in the movement for equal rights.

Newington Green Meeting House

This historic building was originally built in 1708 and is known as the home of the ‘dissenter’. The building has always been a hive of nonconformity, and had ties to the feminist movement, equal marriage rights, differing religions and free thought.

It’s now a museum and community space, and the community is one that reflects diversity and overall happiness!

Explore Clissold Park

This large park, just north of Newington Green, features several large duck filled ponds, play areas, woodlands and sports pitches.

You’ll also find a beautiful butterfly dome where you can learn about rare butterflies, and actually meet the little beauties for yourself.

It’s the perfect place to escape the hustle and bustle of city life and enjoy some natural tranquility.

Dine & Drink

One of the things that makes Newington Green extremely popular with the locals is the excellent food and drink in the area.

There are a number of amazing restaurants including The Alma, The Lady Mildmay, and Jolene- as well as a fantastic array of cafes and coffee houses.

Take a Stroll Down Newington Green Road

This vibrant street is home to a variety of independent shops, cafes, and restaurants.

It’s a great place to explore and for those of us in need of a bit of retail therapy- you’re in the right place. There are plenty of boutique stores, charity shops and cute little craft locations.

Explore the Newington Green Fruit and Vegetable Market

This open-air market has been running for over 300 years and is a great place to find fresh produce sourced from local farms, wonderful handmade goods and artisanal delicacies created by locals.

It’s a wonderful little market and should not be missed if you’re in the area.

The Other Side of London

So there you have it; some of the best things you can expect from London’s quieter, local side.

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