The Mysterious & Beautiful Stonehenge | London Day Trips


London is a pretty incredible city. It has over 2,000 years of history, is home to some of the best cultural hotspots on the planet and has some of the very best food in the world.

But London is amazing not just because it offers so much to visitors, but also because it is able to offer you incredible access to pretty much the entirety of the UK.

The country’s train network is awesome and covers a vast majority of England, Scotland and Wales. The road network covers an even larger area and pretty much every rail line and major road leads to London.

London is relatively central and really does offer a lot of options for those looking to explore further afield.

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One such location is Stonehenge.

This incredible structure is thought to be around 5,000 years old and is one of the most famous neolithic structures in the world.

It holds many different meanings for many different people but one thing remains true- we are truly fascinated by it.

We don’t actually know how it was built, why it was built, or who it was built by. We actually don’t know very much about it at all, but that does not change the stunning beauty of this structure.

What is Stonehenge?

As previously stated- we don’t actually know.

However, I can tell you that Stonehenge is a stone structure made from several different types of stone sourced from various places around the country. These massive blocks were moved from as far as Wales and erected here at great effort.

The henge stands on top of a hill in the Salisbury Plains and offers a commanding view of the English countryside.

What is clear to us is that many generations of English communities used the stones for many different things over their lifetimes, including burial ceremonies, sacrifices and observing the heavens.

Getting There From London

If you are driving to the henge from your Bayswater hotels London city centre, then it will take you just over an hour- given the traffic conditions.

Failing that the best way is on a tour bus as the trains don’t actually reach the monument.

Many companies offer tours to the henge from the city and will often include visits to places like the historic city of Bath- also very much worth the visit.

Incredible Facts

-The average stone weighs in at around 25 tonnes!

This just makes the mystery of how they were erected 5,000 years ago even more intriguing!

-The Bluestones travelled 240km.

All the way from the Preseli Hills in South Wales.

-The first recorded excavation of the site was in 1620.

Unfortunately we have no idea what they found, but people have been digging here for thousands of years.

The Best London Day Trip

So there you have it- one of the world’s natural wonders within easy reach of the best twin room London has to offer at the Bayswater Inn Hotel.

If you’re tired of the hustle and bustle of the city streets, or simply fascinated by the mystery of this monument, then take advantage of London’s excellent location and visit now!