The Absolute Best Tours On Offer In London

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The ability to explore is one of the truly great things about London. Despite its massive size, you can get around pretty easily thanks to the amazing public transport and fantastic ‘walkability’ of the city centre.

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There are a multitude of ways to get around the city and see its incredible sights; it’s just up to you to find the best one- here is a list featuring some of the very best tours on offer in London.

London in a Day

London is incredibly walkable, as we already know, and the tour that takes advantage of this fact to its fullest extent is the ‘London in a Day’ walking tour.

On this tour you’ll visit Westminster Abbey, Buckingham Palace, and the Tower of London, and on the way you’ll see the Houses of Parliament, Big Ben, The London Eye, Tower Bridge, St. Paul’s Cathedral and many more.

It’s pretty all encompassing!

Warner Bros. Studio Tour

If you’re a Harry Potter fan then grab your cloak, hop on your broomstick and head over to the Harry Potter Studio Tour.

The tour takes you behind the scenes of one of the biggest movie franchises ever and lets you explore the Great Hall, Gryffindor Common Room, Dubmbledore’s Office, the Hogwarts Express and plenty more incredible locations from the films.

This is truly one of the best film set tours in the entire world.

The Tower of London

The Tower of London is one of the city’s most historic buildings, having been constructed in 1066 by Willaim the Conqueror after his successful invasion of Great Britain.

The Tower has served as an amoury, a king’s menagerie, an execution grounds, a prison and Royal apartments during its fascinating life- but now it is home to the Crown Jewels and a very good day out.

Explore the deepest recesses of the castle led by the famous ‘Beefeater’ guards who are in charge of the castle and its grounds.

River Boat Tour

The Thames was once the most important and busy area in the city, and is pretty much the entire reason that London exists to this day.

Now the Thames allows us to travel through the city’s most beautiful areas and enjoy the impressive sights along its banks.

There are many river cruises available, some offer food, entertainment and tour guides, but all will take you along the main artery of the city to its very heart.

Borough Market Food Tour

Despite the confusing stereotype that London (and the UK as a whole) has bad food, the city is actually home to 66 Michelin starred restaurants (that’s three times as many as New York!).

Great food can be found everywhere in the city, but the highest concentration of world class eats can be found in the famous Borough Market.

Home to over 150 vendors offering fine cuisine from all over the world, this 1,000 year old market is truly a foodie’s paradise.

Join a tour and experience the very best food that London has to offer.

Explore London

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