Planning Your Dream London Weekend? Here Are Some Tips

    Planning Your Dream London Weekend Here Are Some Tips

    London is the top pick of destinations for many people planning a weekend break. Its variety of airports, great public transport services and wide variety of attractions means that the city caters to a great many tastes and interests. For first timers staying at Bayswater accommodation though, there are a few tips and tricks to making the most out of your weekend.

    Whether you’re visiting museums and attractions and have booked a hotel near Madame Tussauds and the South Kensington Museum strip or you’re in London for the nightlife, factoring the following into your plans may help your trip run a lot smoother.

    Museums Are Bigger Than You Think 

    Museums Are Bigger Than You Think

    Don’t underestimate London museums such as the British Museum and Victoria & Albert Museum of Design. If you’re planning a quick stop off at the city’s many free museums and galleries, you’ll probably find you need a lot longer than you think to really sink your teeth in. The British Museum consists of 8 million artefacts, nearly 100 galleries and more than 800,000 square feet of space. The Victoria & Albert Museum is the largest design gallery in the world – and that’s before we even get started on its temporary exhibitions. It’s important then, that you plan your visits at these world renowned cultural centres accordingly – you might be there longer than you think! 

    And Tube Journeys Are Longer Than You Think 

    And Tube Journeys Are Longer Than You Think

    It’s easy to forget that London is almost 1500 square kilometres in size. Whilst guests of hotels near Royal Albert Hall London could spend hours circumnavigating and exploring the city’s famous royal park, traversing the rest of the city needs just as much forward planning as well. If you’re travelling by tube from one side of the city to the other, you might want to give yourself an hour for tube and train changeovers and potential delays. If you’re travelling into the centre of the city, half an hour to 45 minutes is usually enough travel time to provide yourself. Always consult map apps such as Citymapper for an estimate of your journey length, especially if you have a reservation, West End show or meeting that you don’t want to be late for. 

    Consider Discount Apps 

    From theatre and comedy to high street bars, London is brimming with hidden discounts – you just have to find the right app. For instance, under 30s can get two thirds off Royal Opera House tickets, whilst box office returns can save you a lot on West End shows. Discount apps such as TooGoodTooGo can help you save money on great street food too. In short, London might seem expensive on the surface, but with enough digging online, you could save hundreds of pounds during your trip. 

    What Is Your Main Focus? Book A Room To Suit 

    uGuests of the Park Avenue Bayswater Hotel are ideally placed for excursions into central and west London. If there are specific parts of the city that you are visiting to explore, then it’s always worth seeking out hotel or accommodation options in that area.