London’s Best Parks for Autumn Photoshoots

London park

Planning your London holiday in autumn?

Great choice! Autumn in London is the most scenic and beautiful time of the year and there’s no better way to capture its beauty than with a photoshoot in one of its stunning parks. With the diverse landscapes and vibrant autumn foliage, the parks here offer the perfect backdrop for capturing lasting memories in the form of some great photos. So, book your stay with the luxurious Bayswater Inn Hotel Hyde Park and make the most of your prime location in the city, as you head to these world-renowned parks in London for a much-awaited autumn photoshoot!

Hyde Park

The iconic Hyde Park, also known as ‘The People’s Park’, is a vibrant canvas for autumn photoshoots, with its diverse landscape of trees, a scenic lake and lakeside paths, with an abundance of wildlife. The royal park is only a short walk from your hotel near Kensington Palace and features over 4,000 trees presenting a kaleidoscope of colours, from fiery reds and oranges to yellows and ambers. Here are some of the most tranquil spots for a photo opportunity in Hyde Park:

  • The picturesque Serpentine Lake is framed by weeping willows and hued treetops to capture during autumn.
  • The Diana, Princess of Wales Memorial Fountain is surrounded by a reflecting pool and lush greenery, the best backdrop for family photographs.
  • The Rose Garden is a scenic, fragrant garden, home to over 12,000 roses which add a splash of colour to the autumn landscape for photographs.

Kew Gardens

Kew Gardens is a world-renowned botanical garden, minutes away from your accommodation in Hyde Park. It is also a treasure trove for autumn photography!

With its extraordinary collection of 50,000 living plants, every corner of this majestic park is a sight to behold! If you’re looking for dreamy, warm-toned photographs, this autumn, here are some of the best places to cover at Kew Gardens:

  • The Japanese Gardens: Take a moment to capture the beauty of this tranquil oasis, perfectly complementing the Chokushi-Mon (Japanese gateway).
  • The Temperate House: This unique glasshouse is home to a diverse range of plants from all over the world, along with the Palm House which is another great spot for autumn photoshoots with its towering palms and ferns creating a dramatic backdrop for autumn portraits!

Bishops Park

Bishops Park in West London is a hidden gem for autumn photoshoots, offering a charming and picturesque backdrop for ‘the’ photoshoot of the season. Plan an early morning or a late afternoon visit to the majestic park to not miss out on the soft morning light, adding a hint of sunshine to the pictures. Some of the places that you must head to capture are:

  • The Avenue of Trees: This iconic walkway along the Thames is a must-visit for any autumn photographer. The trees are ablaze with colour, and the reflection of the leaves in the Thames creates a view to remember!
  • The Walled Garden: This serene garden in Fulham Palace with its colourful flowers and autumn foliage is sure to make for a captivating backdrop for pictures.

Richmond Park

Richmond Park is a photographer’s dream in autumn, with its sweeping landscapes of amber-hued bracken and fallen leaves from the avenue. Pen Ponds is a particularly popular spot for autumn photoshoots, from the serene ponds surrounded by tall grasses and the sunlight filtering through the warm-hued trees during the day.

P.S. If you’re lucky, you might even spot a deer grazing through the park, a memorable view to capture and look back at!

With so much to see, explore and capture at these alluring parks, don’t forget to plan your day in advance, and keep an eye out for discounts on hotels in Hyde Park, London. This way, you’ll not only enjoy an exquisite stay in the heart of the city but will also be just moments away from your choice of parks for a photoshoot you can’t wait to post!