Interesting facts that make Buckhingham palace an iconic attraction.

Interesting facts that make Buckhingham palace an iconic attraction.

Buckingham Palace is one of the most iconic and historic landmarks in London. It has been the home of Britain’s Royal Family since 1837, and it’s a great place to learn about British history and culture. In this blog post, we’ll cover some interesting facts about Buckingham Palace, from its fascinating past to its modern-day functions. When travelling to London it is one the most popular attractions and definitely a must see palace.

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Did you know that Buckingham Palace wasn’t always a royal residence? The original building was built in 1703 by an architect named William Winde and served as a townhouse for the Duke of Buckingham. By the time King George III acquired it in 1761, it had already gone through various changes and renovations.

King George III decided to convert Buckingham House into a palace, and thus began the modern-day version of Buckingham Palace. Over the next two centuries more renovations were made to further expand the palace, including adding more wings, rooms and gardens. The palace now covers an area of ​​more than 77000 square metres! Keep a lookout on the hotel’s website for great deals and discounts on nearby hotels in London.

The interior décor at Buckingham Palace is quite unique as well – each room has been carefully designed according to a particular theme or style. For example, there are rooms decorated with Regency furniture, rococo-style pieces and even some rooms with modern furniture! There are also numerous works of art throughout the palace from famous artists such as Rembrandt and Renoir. To carefully marvel and adore the greatness of this palace’s architecture, look for an accommodation in Bayswater London.

Buckingham Palace is also home to one of the oldest trees in England – King James I planted a mulberry tree at Buckingham House in 1609! This special tree still stands strong today outside one of the palace gates – it’s said that if ever this tree dies then so does Kingship!

You might be surprised to learn that several burglaries have occurred at Buckingham Palace over the years too! The last one was back in 1982 when six intruders managed to get inside – they were caught before they could steal any valuables but caused considerable damage while trying to break into Queen Elizabeth II’s private chambers.

As well being home to royalty, Buckingham Palace also serves many other important purposes too! It plays host to many official occasions such as state dinners and receptions for visiting dignitaries; its gardens are used for garden parties; the state rooms are opened up each summer for tourists; and it serves as an office space for Her Majesty’s staff who work on important government affairs on behalf of The Queen. Staying in the Bayswater area keeps you close to the palace and also several popular restaurants of London.

These fascinating facts make it clear why people from all over the world are drawn towards visiting this majestic landmark every year! You can take guided tours around some parts of Buckingham Palace or just enjoy walking around its beautiful grounds – no matter what you choose you won’t be disappointed with your experience here!