Here’s Why Autumn is the Best Time to Visit London

Autumn in london

Is London your dream holiday destination? Well, then what you must know is that autumn is the best season to plan your holiday in this exciting city. As the days grow shorter and the air turns crisper, London takes on a unique charm during autumn that’s simply unbeatable.

With opportunities for leisurely autumn strolls through the city’s picturesque parks, exploring world-class museums, and a host of other cultural activities happening around the city, there’s an abundance of things to enjoy in London during this beautiful season. Can’t wait any longer? Book your stay with the opulent Bayswater Inn Hotel Hyde Park, now. With an excellent location, less than a five-minute walk from Hyde Park, you’ll be close to the best autumn adventures in the city!

Explore the Iconic Attractions

While London’s most popular attractions are bustling with tourists throughout the year, there’s a noticeable drop in the crowds during the autumn season. As September arrives, a more peaceful vibe envelops the city, resulting in shorter queues and lesser waiting times at historic sites like Westminster Abbey, Tower Bridge, and the Houses of Parliament, minutes away from your accommodation near Hyde Park. So, feel free to explore at your own pace and have fulfilling experiences in the ever-vibrant city.

Join the Halloween Celebrations

While grand Halloween celebrations might not be the first thing that pops up in your mind when in London, you must know that October in London is a month-long celebration of all things spooky! Featuring ghost tours and thrilling family-friendly activities throughout the city, especially the London Bridge Experience and Jack the Ripper ghost walks, you’re in for a real Halloween treat in London. Also, don’t forget to trick-or-treat yourself to London Zoo for the annual ‘Boo at the Zoo’ fun activities, perfect for kids.

Take a Stroll in the Parks

Whether you find yourself taking a stroll alongside the picturesque River Thames, wandering through the rustling leaves at the Royal Hyde Park, or marvelling at the warm-hued treetops at Holland Park, near your exquisite Kensington Palace Hotel, London has a plethora of scenic landscapes to endure the autumn season. As a bonus, don’t miss the chance to embark on a City Cruises London River tour, to soak in the riverside views and see London during autumn from a whole new perspective.

Wander the Spectacular Museums

If you’re travelling to London during the autumn season, there’s a possibility it can drizzle outside. But don’t worry, head to one of London’s iconic museums, and immerse yourself in the world of art and historical artefacts. Whether you choose to see Egyptian Mummies at the British Museum, have a once-in-a-lifetime experience at the Photography Centre at V&A, or explore the world’s leading Dinosaur Gallery at the National History Museum, you are sure to lose track of time wandering these majestic halls.

Pick your favourite autumn activities in the exciting capital city, plan a perfect day out and don’t forget to layer up! Look out for special offers and discounts and book your stay at a centrally located hotel in Hyde Park to make the most of your time in London, this season.