Exploring London: The Best Walks to Discover the City

Exploring London The Best Walks to Discover the City

London is a city of history, culture, and iconic sites. It would take a lifetime to explore all that the capital has to offer. However, you can still make the most of your time by discovering the best walks in London. From exploring the Thames Path to taking on Hampstead Heath Circular Walk, these are some of the best walks for tourists and travellers alike.

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The Jubilee Greenway Walk

The Jubilee Greenway Walk is a 26-mile route that connects 15 of London’s iconic sites such as Buckingham Palace, St Paul’s Cathedral, and Tower Bridge. This walk offers a unique way to explore London’s vibrant history while connecting different parts of the city along the way. Along this walk you will also find many parks and green spaces including Kensington Gardens, Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, and Victoria Park.

The City Loop – The Jubilee Walkway

For those who are short on time but still want to make the most of their visit, The City Loop – The Jubilee Walkway is an ideal choice. This 4-mile walk takes about three hours to complete and passes through some of London’s most iconic landmarks including Big Ben and Westminster Abbey. You can also enjoy stunning views from across the River Thames during this walk. This walk is easily doable from an accommodation in Bayswater.

Hampstead Heath Circular Walk

Hampstead Heath Circular Walk is perfect for nature lovers looking for an escape from busy city life. This 3-mile route takes you through some beautiful countryside scenery with rolling hills and serene lakes before looping back around into urban areas with views of St Pancras Church Tower in one direction and Parliament Hill in another direction. On this route, you will also have plenty of opportunities to spot wildlife such as foxes, deer, hares, badgers and even snakes!

Dollis Valley Greenwalk 

Dollis Valley Greenwalk offers great views over north-west London’s countryside landscape with plenty of opportunities to spot wildlife along the way too! This 8-mile walk starts at Mill Hill East station before heading northwards through residential areas towards Barnet Way where you will pass peaceful gardens with ponds full of dragonflies before reaching your final destination at Totteridge Common Nature Reserve which has been declared as a Site Of Special Scientific Interest (SSSI).

Parkland Walk

If you are looking for something slightly shorter then why not try out Parkland Walk? This 2-mile linear path starts in Finsbury Park before passing through Highgate Wood Nature Reserve where you can admire its ancient trees -some up to 400 years old! Then it continues on past Queen’s Wood before finally reaching Alexandra Palace offering amazing views over north London’s skyline across Muswell Hill Golf Course and Highgate Woods beyond it. Booking a hotel near Royal Albert Hall London will give you easy access to this route of walk.

Whether your preference is long strolls or short walks exploring nature or urban settings there is something for everyone when it comes to walking in London. From Hampstead Heath Circular Walk which takes you through natural surroundings all the way down to The City Loop -The Jubilee Walkway which guides you past all sorts of iconic sights there are plenty of ways for travellers or tourists alike to discover this incredible city on foot! So go ahead, pick your favourite route from above or create your own adventure around town -the possibilities are endless! Enjoy!

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