Everything you can do in London in just 24 hours.

Everything you can do in London in just 24 hours.

With its bustling streets, rich history and diverse culture, London is one of the most exciting cities in the world. Whether you’re a visitor or a local, it can be hard to fit everything into one jam-packed day. However, with some careful planning it’s possible to make the most of 24 hours in London and take in many of its iconic attractions. The first thing to do is leave your luggage in a centrally located hotel, you can find places with special offers in London that will help provide you great storage options.

To start your day off right, kick things off with a tour of some of London’s most iconic landmarks. But before you start your long day of explorations and adventures enjoy scrumptious British style breakfast at one of London hotels. Begin at Buckingham Palace, where you can witness the Changing of the Guard ceremony that takes place every two days at 11:00am (check ahead for exact dates). From here, head to Westminster Abbey and marvel at the history within its walls before heading over to Tower Bridge for some stunning views over the River Thames. You could even break up your sightseeing by taking a boat ride along the river for an unforgettable experience. Or you can take a walking tour around the city covering London’s most popular locations, monuments and attractions.

Next on your itinerary should be free museums such as The British Museum, National Gallery or Tate Modern which offer great insight into London’s past and present. You’ll find impressive works from internationally renowned artists as well as fascinating historical objects from around the world. Explore these institutions further with one of their walking tours which provide colourful commentary and interesting anecdotes about each piece on display. If you want to cover only one of these attractions and want to relax for the rest of the day then you need to book yourself in the comfort and calm of Bayswater Inn Hotel London. You can enjoy the high-end amenities and a lovely central location that keeps you in the heart of the city too.

Heading out into London’s busy streets after lunchtime? Why not try a hop-on hop-off bus tour? This is an ideal way to take in many different areas without having to worry about getting lost or spending too much time on public transport. On top of that, your ticket allows you entry into various attractions including St Paul’s Cathedral and The Tower Of London so you won’t have to worry about buying separate tickets for each sightseeing spot.

When night falls there are still plenty more activities available! For those looking for something lively why not join a pub crawl around some of London’s trendiest bars? Experience all types of drinks from real ales and craft beers to cocktails and craft gins! Then there’s also food; no trip to London would be complete without trying out some traditional street food such as fish & chips or pies like steak & kidney – just keep an eye out for high street markets offering delicious treats from around the world. The high streets of London with many flagship stores and boutiques offer a great opportunity to spend some time shopping. If shopping is your agenda, look out for accommodation offers in central London.

With so much going on in just 24 hours it can be hard to fit everything into one day but by following our guide we’re sure you’ll have an unforgettable experience in this vibrant city! So don’t hesitate – put on your walking shoes and get ready for a packed but enjoyable itinerary that will make the most out of your time in London!