Escape the Rain with These Unmissable Experiences in London


Looking for things to do in London on a rainy day? Don’t worry! We’ve got you covered. There is a plethora of fun-packed experiences to indulge in indoors for people of all ages and interests in the city. Read on to plan your day well to enjoy a rainy day in London!

Explore Westminster Abbey

Get acquainted with the rich history of London and make the most of a rainy day in the city as you explore the iconic Westminster Abbey. A coronation church since 1066 and a resting place of over 3000 great Britons, exploring Westminster Abbey is always a memorable experience. It is the place of burial of eminent figures like Charles Darwin, Isaac Newton, and the Queen of Scots. The Abbey touches the lives of heroes, priests, poets, statesmen, queens, and kings since 960AD and is full of fascinating artefacts and stories.

First founded as a Benedictine monastery, make sure to opt for a guided tour and take the time to learn more about the legendary landmark’s history! With the opulent Bayswater Inn Hotel Hyde Park as your humble abode in the city, enjoy an extravagant stay with elegant rooms, rich amenities, and easy access to the city’s best attractions!

Discover the Victoria and Albert Museum

Pay a visit to explore one of the best art and design history museums in the world and delve into the world of fashion, and its history at the Victoria and Albert Museum. Located in South Kensington, moments away from your accommodation near Hyde Park, V & A is a global destination of creativity, boasting extraordinary collections and unmissable exhibitions.

For all the fashion fanatics, this is the perfect place for you to explore the most incredible collection of historic clothing, jewellery, and contemporary designs. The venue is known to host fashion workshops and lectures throughout the year, so you’re surely in for a treat at the V & A, whenever you choose to visit!

Discover the Sea Life London Aquarium

Nestled in the heart of the city, the Sea Life London Aquarium features 14 themed zones and is home to over 500 species! There’s so much to see at this marvellous aquarium that even hours would seem less. If you’re travelling with kids and looking to beat the rain in the city, this spot must be at the top of your list.

With your stay at one of the premium hotels near Kensington Palace, head in for a fun-filled day as you explore the Gentoo Penguin colony and travel to the extremities of the Antarctic as part of the Polar Adventure. Indulge in one of the largest interactive experiences at the Ocean Adventure (don’t forget to say hi to the jellyfish!).

Immerse Yourself in the Wonders of the British Museum

No trip to London is complete without immersing yourself in the wonders of the iconic British Museum. Discover an extraordinary collection of artefacts from all over the world, spanning centuries. From the Parthenon sculptures to the Egyptian mummies, there’s so much to see at this museum, that even a day would seem less!

Escape the rain as you explore the galleries that are representative of world cultures from Africa to America and the Middle East to the Mediterranean. You can also take the time to attend one of the enchanting exhibitions or take a self-guided tour using the museum’s Audio app!

Catch up on Movies at a Luxe Cinema

Make it an enjoyable day out as you take a trip to one of the best and most loved cinemas in London to catch your favourite flick. The Electric Cinema on Portobello Road is one of the oldest and most glorious cinemas in the city with armchairs and double beds, promising an unforgettable cinematic experience. From indie movies to the latest releases, you can watch it all at the Regent Street Cinema, the first-ever independent cinema in the capital city. Be it age-old classics or top-of-the-moment blockbusters, a rainy day in London is a great opportunity to head indoors and enjoy your favourite film like a local!

Don’t let the weather stop you from exploring London’s wonders! Look out for discount hotels in Hyde Park and enjoy your time!