Discover London’s Most Eccentric Museums to Remember

London museum

London is a treasure trove of museums waiting to be explored. From world-renowned names like the National History Museum and the British Museum to the quirkier museums housing unique, niche collections, London has it all. This time, venture off the beaten path as you reserve a room at the luxurious Bayswater Inn Hotel, Hyde Park, and explore the most eccentric museums in the city, all just a stone’s throw away from your luxurious stay.

The Brunel Museum

Discover the engineering genius of Isambard Kingdom Brunel at the fascinating Brunel Museum, easily accessible from your accommodation near Hyde Park. The museum tells the story of Brunel’s most ambitious project, the Thames Tunnel.

When it opened in 1843, it was the first tunnel to be built under a navigable river anywhere in the world. At the museum, you can explore the original engine house, where the machines that built the tunnel were housed. You can also see exhibits on Brunel’s other engineering projects, such as the Great Western Railway and the SS Great Britain.

Although the tunnel is now used by the London Overground, you can still take a guided tour of the humongous entrance chamber. On some occasions, the tunnel also hosts gigs and screenings that you can look out for.

Museum of Brands

Immerse yourself in the history of consumer culture at this extraordinary museum in Notting Hill. With its vast collection of packaging, advertising, and marketing materials from the Victorian era to the present day, you can explore how our society has been shaped by consumerism. If you find marketing intriguing or are simply curious about the history of brands, the Museum of Brands is sure to be nothing like you’ve seen or experienced before.

P.S. Make sure to explore the classic Time Tunnel here! It is a permanent exhibition curated by consumer historian Robert Opie that takes you through 200 years of consumer culture.

Old Operating Theatre Museum

Climb a wooden staircase to the attic of St. Thomas’ Church in Southwark and you’ll find yourself back to a time when medical surgery was a gruesome affair. This museum is the UK’s oldest purpose-built operating theatre and is restored with original fixtures and surgical instruments from the 1800s. Whether you’re a history buff with a passion for the medical past or simply seeking a unique museum adventure, the Old Operating Theatre Museum in London is the place for you.

Sambourne House

Nestled in the vicinity of your hotel near Kensington Palace, Sambourne House is where Punch cartoonist and artist Edward Linley Sambourne once lived. This offbeat museum in London is a glimpse into the world of a well-to-do Victorian family, housing everything from real-life furniture and artwork to other everyday life details. Visit the museum to learn about Victorian life and be inspired by Sambourne’s amazing art full of wit and satire.

With so many extraordinary museums waiting for you, here in London, we know we’ve got you excited! So, book your stay with a London hotel at great discounts and start planning your trip now.