Best London Walks To Enjoy Autumnal Foliage

london walk

London truly changes its character throughout the seasons. From the city park hotspots flaming up barbeques through the summer to the winter lights of Oxford Circus, the changes to the city’s smells, sounds and sights have helped the city to establish its depth of character and draw in ever more visitors to the many hotels near Kensington Palace

One season that can be overlooked in London are the autumn months. Not quite summer and not quite the festive season, the months of October and November can sometimes feel like dead air. That needn’t be the case though, with bonfire night and Halloween being two prominent London holidays during the autumn season, there’s plenty to see and do that’s marked up in the city’s calendar. Furthermore, aside from the traditions, the city really does transform in the autumn period. As a designated green city, almost 20 percent of LOndon is made up of park, forest and garden and in the autumn months you’ll see whole swathes of the city transform into fiery shades of orange and red. Guests at accommodation near Royal Albert Hall who visit in the autumn are also lucky, their proximity to some of the best parks and gardens in London means that they’ll see autumn’s show in full force.

Whether you’re staying at the Bayswater Inn or elsewhere in London, this blog will outline the best parks and gardens to experience the full majesty of a London autumn. 

Hyde Park

Hyde park

Let’s start with the obvious, Hyde Park is just a stone’s throw from some of the best hotels and twin rooms in London and offers 350 acres of beautiful parkland. Brimming with over 4000 trees, the beeches and chestnut trees of Hyde Park really bring in the autumn spirit. Make sure not to miss Kensington Gardens during your Hyde Park trip, once part of a larger Hyde Park, Kensington Gardens is now a more serene royal park in the heart of London that offers tailored sunken gardens, fountains and formal gated fields. 

Epping Forest

Epping Forest

A must for any eastbound autumn ramblers, this stretch of ancient woodland dates back tens of thousands of years and once sprawled far into the East of England. Beautiful oak trees line the woodland trails, whilst marshy swamplands and free roaming deers and cows are just some of the woodland wonders bathed in fiery orange autumn light. 

Battersea Park

Battersea Park, London

With its plethora of sub tropical and winter gardens, Battersea Park in Southwest London rises above the usual autumn fare by offering a kaleidoscopic slice of everything. Whilst its oaks and willows are striking in their autumn foliage, this Thames-side park’s mish mash of Chinese pergolas, hybrid strawberry trees and proud Victorian bandstands make this park the characterful autumn gem that it is.

Hampstead Heath

Hampstead Heath is a nature reserve in London that will truly make you feel apart from the city’s hustle and bustle. With its year-long open freshwater swimming lakes, you could brave the autumn chill and take a dip or alternatively, just walk the beautiful woodland trails and pastures. Afterall, the warrens of walking trails and ancient history of the area are imbibed with even more magic through the lens of autumn. With standout autumn canopies of oaks and beech trees spread across 800 acres of woodland, you can see the whole of Central London from atop the historic Parliament Hill,establishing it as one of the most romantic parks in the city.

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