Benefits of Using a Visitor Oyster Card in London

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London is a well-connected city in every sense of the term. With one of the best public transport systems in the world, you don’t have to worry too much about navigating the city with ease. Prepare for what’s sure to be a thrilling trip as you book a stay with the opulent Park Avenue Bayswater Inn Hotel, with highly comfortable rooms, a luxurious selection of fresh breakfast and of course, an enviable location.

The Visitor Oyster card serves as your all-in-one pass to uncover London’s best attractions near your luxurious Park Avenue Bayswater Inn Hotel. The Visitor Oyster card is not only easy to use but is accessible to all who are looking to travel seamlessly across the city. Get your hands on the Visitor Oyster card available at many newsagents, and most of the Tube, London Overground and Elizabeth Line stations. You can also get them at the DLR stations and visitor centres. Read on to get acquainted with the many advantages of a Visitor Oyster card to get around London for all types of visitors and travellers.

  • Available for Advanced Purchase Online

You have the option to buy the Visitor Oyster card in advance and have it delivered to your address worldwide. This is particularly convenient if you find the idea of buying an Oyster card in London stressful and would instead like to have it arranged before your arrival. Simply, visit the Visitor Shop website to make your card purchase.

  • More Cost-Effective than Single Paper Tickets

Visitor Oyster cards come at a significantly lower cost than single paper tickets. Especially if you’re exploring zones one and two of the city, your savings can be approximately £2.50 to £3.50 per journey. Moreover, kids below the age of 11 can enjoy free travel, while those aged 11 to 15 can benefit from a 50% discount on Oyster card fares with the Young Visitor Oyster discount. To make use of the discounts, you can either consult with a Tube staff member at any Underground station near your London Hotel or make the purchase through the automated machines at any TfL station to avail discounts.

  • Daily Limits and Price Caps

On top of the reduced fares for individual journeys, an Oyster card also automatically updates a ‘daily limit’ once you spend a specific amount each day. The applicable caps vary by zone since travel costs are dependent on both the distance covered and the time of day.

  • Travelling to and from London Airports

Accepted for travel to and from Central London, Visitor Oyster cards are a valid means of transportation to Heathrow and Gatwick Airports. Heathrow Airport is conveniently located at the terminus of the Piccadilly Tube line and is accessible via the Underground when using an Oyster card or Travel card. On the other hand, Gatwick Airport, not being served by an Underground line, can be reached by bus or train. It’s worth noting that Oyster cards can be utilised on the Gatwick Express, the quickest train option connecting Central London to this airport.

  • Oyster Cards Never Expire

Make sure to retain your Visitor Oyster cards for a future trip to London. The card remains valid indefinitely along with the remaining balance in it, if any. Additionally, the £5 initial purchase fee will be automatically refunded as pay-as-you-go credit after one year of your last journey using the card. Remember to claim your refund within six months, or you will no longer be eligible for it.

To use your Visitor Oyster card, simply tap on the round, yellow card reader upon entry, and tap off again when you conclude your trip. In fact, if you opt for the London Pass, your electronic Visitor Oyster card will come pre-loaded with credit that corresponds to the duration of your London Pass.

Now that you are aware of the perks of using a Visitor Oyster card, be sure to see your favourite iconic attractions and explore as a Londoner with a centrally located stay at your exquisite hotel near Madame Tussauds London.